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Southern California Mountain Bike Forum

Southern California Mountain Bike Forum

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    A Southern California Mountain Bike Forum, Magazine, and Product Reviews website for Mountain Biking. Post your Product Reviews or, comment on others, share up-coming Rides and Post Ride Reports, pics and videos, have debates, and yes... even sometimes argue.

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New to the sport? All are welcome! Check it out, take your time, we hope you stay!

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Southern California Mountain Bike Forum

imtbtrails is all about Mountain Biking

A great place to discuss all aspects of the sport to include technical questions and advice on Bike Set-Ups and maintenance, product reviews on everything from helmets to tires, handlebars to seatposts.

Singletrack Minds is an online Bike Magazine that is focused on the members of the site and how we can benefit from articles on technical issues, health options, skin care, and adventure. Singletrack Minds is written by Mt. Bikers for Mt. Bikers to include articles on Trail Photography, Proper Hydration, Skin Care and Protection, and much more. There are also articles on the technical aspects such as the battle between 29'er, 27.5'er, and the traditional 26'er wheel sizes. As a member of imtbtrails, anyone can submit an article to be published. In fact, Ride Reports posted on the Forum become eligible to be published on Singletrack Minds on a monthly basis.

Free GPX Downloads ImageFree MTB Trail GPS Downloads for imtbtrails Members. Membership is FREE!

MTB Forum is a Southern California Mountain Bike Forum and is the most used location of the site. As a member, there is access to more Forums and the ability to participate in posting input, debates, and conversations. imtbtrails strongly encourages "Membership" as it increases the ability to obtain Advertisers and Sponsors. By obtaining Advertisers and Sponsors it increases the opportunity for "Killer Dealz" for the Members.

Product Reviews is unique! Here YOU as a signed up imtbtrails member get to post Bike Products and Accessories that you want to review. As well, another member also has the opportunity to post reviews on your product review. This is a real interaction of the products you find great, or not so great. imtbtrails provides this option to eliminate the difficult task of searching Topic after Topic on the Forum in effort to seek reviews on products you are specifically interested in.

Killer Dealz is in the beginning stages for Sponsors and Advertisers to place deals available to imtbtrails members. Anything and everything from Shuttle Discounts to fixing Collarbones!

Sponsors is a listing of people and companies who Sponsor imtbtrails. A links network to promote the products and services offered by our associates.

About Us is simply that. The vision and goals that imtbtrails has to provide a great grass roots site un-hindered by corporate comglomerates and special interests.

Bottom Line is imtbtrails desires to be the Number 1 site for Southern California Mountain Bikers who wish to have a positive interation on the Forums, a place to find out what their buddies like and dislike in regards to Products and Services, and a global location where people that eat sleep and drink MTBing, can meet and interact.

Simply put, imtbtrails wants to be your Web Site for . . . Mountain Biking!

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