Note from the Editor: We’re not sure if evdog was a professional photographer in a past life, but lucky for us he is not only an outstanding photographer but as well an amazing mountain biker. Enjoy the read and eye candy that Evan brings to the imtbtrails plate! Enjoy! ~ imtbtrails

Thanks to Dell as well for setting this trip up! We had been going to Sedona a lot the last few years but it has turned … Continue reading

SART: The Post Office Loop


SART, Santa Ana River Trail is located on the East side of San Bernardino, and I would guess that the closest town would be Mentone, trailhead is just North if not actually in Angelus Oaks. I heard about it about two years ago and have wanted to ride it ever since. Always seemed that something came up right when I planned to go. In fact, we were supposed to ride it last weekend but we decided … Continue reading


magazine_front_page_slider_tahoe_scan I’ve been wanting to go to Tahoe for years, and especially since I started mountain biking . Well we finally planned a family getaway. We stayed in South L Tahoe. Picked up some good info on STR for a shuttle …Tahoe Rim Trail/Flume /Marlette Lake. This was my favorite of the 2 rides I did. The TRT is only available on even days of the week and reservations were recommended. The shuttle was only 15$, very organized … Continue reading

Burkhart Trail . . . . The Beauty and the Beast!


Burkhart Trail . . . a few words and LOTS of Pics today…

The Burkhart Trail, at lease the north end of it’s trailhead, is out of the Devils Punch Bowl parking lot. They say it’s in the Pearblossom section of the Antelope Vally. At least that’s what STRAVA would have you believe. To get to the Trailhead from the parking lot you have a non-warm up climb to where the Burkhart Trail “T’s” into the Devils … Continue reading

The Bomb Squad Road Trip


by Tom the Bomb

The Bomb Squad road trip.

A couple weeks a go T-2 mentions in a phone conversation he needs a road trip, funny how I was thinking the same thing. I had been watching the weather for South Mountain and Sedona and voila, perfect timing. Thursday evening departure, with T-2, Tom, Krankin Kiwi, Mike and Redwoods, Pat. We stop for overnight zzzzz’s in Blythe get up early and head out to Phoenix.

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by Mikie Watson

I guess you can call this another “Mike Grace Production” based on the fact that he introduced me to the Kokopelli extravaganza. I stopped by Mike’s place (Bicycle Johns in Santa Clarita) to pick up a new set of Speedplay Frogs Pedals for “The Mistress” when he mentioned the opportunity to go to Sedona Arizona to check out the trails. I told him I would get back with him on that. 30 seconds later, … Continue reading

NewPower99 Garmin Battery Replacement Kit Review

NewPower99 Garmin Battery Replacement Kit

Charging more now and finding your Garmin lasting less! We did! One of the more irritating things in life, when mountain biking some epic trail, is when you are out on a great ride and you find that big banner across your Garmin Computer screen that states, “Battery Low”.

Don’t want to box it up and ship it to Garmin? Not the most technically adept? We have your answer right here . . .


We ordered our kit … Continue reading

Gravity Dropper Turbo LP Review


The Gravity Dropper Turbo LP is replaced the Gravity Dropper Turbo, which came out in 2007. The Gravity Dropper Turbo is no longer available.

PROS: Simple operation, spring actuated. Simple maintenance and this dropper post will last you forever!

CONS: Some are not happy with the big rubber boot used to protect from contaminate penetration.

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The decline of 26″ wheeled bikes


“People are keeping their 26ers for too long, apparently.”

People are keeping their 26ers for too long, apparently. They are no longer selling very well, if at all, according to statements from various bike manufacturer representatives, including a recent one from Dave Turner.

Out at the local SoCal trails, I still see a healthy number of people on 26″ bikes which would give the impression that 26″ wheels are far from dead, as they outnumber 27.5 and … Continue reading

Protect your Knees

After 20 years of cycling I began reading tons of articles about my knees. I have gone through seasons of sore knees whether on the bike or off.
Nothing written here is from me. It is the gathering of terms and thoughts of professionals in the field.


This is the best article I have read on knees that cycle . . . learn and enjoy!

By Dr Giles P Croft

Your knees can be irritated by the repeated motion of … Continue reading