Camelbak’s Volt 13 LR Hydration Pack Review


I prefer the Camelbak Volt 13 LR Hydration Pack. I know a lot of Mountain Bikers do not like to wear hydration packs. They can be hot, or they are heavy, or they flop around especially on descents, or they simply do not have the features that they are looking for. I have owned a bunch of hydration packs. Most … Continue reading

Tech Talk: Improve Your Cornering

Cornering is not as simple to understand as the experts seem to make it, at least to those who are more conscious about their body movements as opposed to those that naturally and instinctively do it. Being in the former group, I’ve been trying to come up with various cornering strategies for certain corners and have come to understand a few things.

The primary basics:
– you need to consider the path of both wheels individually, … Continue reading

SART: The Post Office Loop


SART, Santa Ana River Trail is located on the East side of San Bernardino, and I would guess that the closest town would be Mentone, trailhead is just North if not actually in Angelus Oaks. I heard about it about two years ago and have wanted to ride it ever since. Always seemed that something came up right when I planned to go. In fact, we were supposed to ride it last weekend but we decided … Continue reading

Mt. Lowe


by Mikie
Tom the Bombs Strava:

A little confused as there is a significant difference in elevation gain between Tom the Bomb and myself… :| Hmmmm.

I got two things, 1) You can only say WOW! …so many times before people start thinking your WOW’s don’t really mean anything. …and 2) Two for two on the South side of the San Gabriel’s clearly lets me know … Continue reading

What’s your PH Balance: Alkaline or Acid?


By Mikie Watson

Just finished a book (yeah, I can read!) by Dr. Theodore Baroody entitled Alkalize or Die. In it, he explains how excess acids in the small intestines can negatively affect that vital organ. I have posted some excerpts from his book here. I believe the book will give you a clear understanding of how alkalizing our body tissues can boost overall health and the health of specific areas of our body. … Continue reading

H2O2 – The Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

By imtbtrails


Winter is upon us and for many, that’s the flu season. Why is that? What makes the cold, and rain, and snowy time of year, the time to get sinus infections, head colds, and the flu? It brings an old question to mind, “We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t cure the common cold.”

Instead of focusing on “curing” the common cold and since that is most likely out of the control of … Continue reading

NewPower99 Garmin Battery Replacement Kit Review

NewPower99 Garmin Battery Replacement Kit

Charging more now and finding your Garmin lasting less! We did! One of the more irritating things in life, when mountain biking some epic trail, is when you are out on a great ride and you find that big banner across your Garmin Computer screen that states, “Battery Low”.

Don’t want to box it up and ship it to Garmin? Not the most technically adept? We have your answer right here . . .


We ordered our kit … Continue reading