Tech Talk: Improve Your Cornering

Cornering is not as simple to understand as the experts seem to make it, at least to those who are more conscious about their body movements as opposed to those that naturally and instinctively do it. Being in the former group, I’ve been trying to come up with various cornering strategies for certain corners and have come to understand a few things.

The primary basics:
– you need to consider the path of both wheels individually, … Continue reading

The Wide Rim Trend


Wide rims is one of the hottest trends happening in mtb, and to keep with my pragmatic stance of being grounded with facts, I wanted to eliminate any doubt in statements so this has been many months in the making, giving me more opportunities to actually experience riding a few different sets, such as the Ibis 941 and Roval Traverse Fattie SL.


The tire profile/shape for a typical 2.2″ mtb tire has its ideal … Continue reading

TRAIL PIX: You CAN’T polish a turd.


Funny title for an article on trail photography, I know. But, really, it’s not as bad as it first sounds. And it actually makes sense. Seriously. Let me explain…

SAYeah, that’s me in 1981, getting my hair pulled out by our lead singer, Carmen. Sweet /////

The ‘You CAN’T polish a turd’ story (and why it no longer … Continue reading

Kashima Coat

Is Kashima Coat worth it? In this tech talk, I will try to answer this question in a logical and reasonable way, with an emphasis on science over emotional and subjective beliefs.

Kashima Coat is found on Fox products and the new Yeti Switch Infinity rails, usually on surfaces that slide against each other. The primary controversy that pops up about it is about whether or not the coating makes it so there’s noticeably less … Continue reading

Speedplay Frog Becoming Extinct?


By Mikie Watson

Speedplay Frog Mountain Bike Pedals. Who uses them? Well, I have for the last 22 years.

Before Speedplay was a known option…

When the Shimano SPD pedals first came out, yes, they were a true innovation. However they weighed a ton (maybe two tons!), they easily caked with mud making them difficult to click in, and the release was very unpredictable. If not well lubed (and even when they WERE well lubed) they potentially … Continue reading

Custom Wheel Building


by Mikie

It was time for some new wheels for “The Mistress”. She’s a 2012 Yeti ASR5c that sported 1600 series DT Swiss Hubs and Rims as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). I’m not an expert on wheel sets and will never claim to be, but I have certainly noticed things over the year that every once in a while makes me go . . . huh.

I have noticed that the bikes with their “stock” OEM … Continue reading

TRAIL PIX: Time to get overexposed!


by shudder

Chin rubbing angst
More and more here on IMTBTrails.comand certainly on many other websites, too—I am seeing some great pictures by folks who are carrying smallish digicams on the trail (and not all of those pictures are coming from point ‘n shoot cameras by any means—some of the best are coming from phones). Our STR pal ‘kanga’ (Steve Messer, CORBA man) recently posted scores of pics he shot at the SoCal High … Continue reading

Tech Talk: Brake Contact Point Adjustment


by Varaxis

Brake Contact Point is a feature that is sometimes found on higher end hydraulic disc brakes that allows adjustment of the amount of lever throw. This feature is called various names and marketing terms, such as Contact Point Adjust, Free Stroke, and Feel Control System (FCS), to name a few, but they all are one and the same. Sometimes this feature is misunderstood, with myths propagating, such as how this feature is supposed to adjust … Continue reading

TRAIL PIX: Trail photography. No, really!

shudder's trail pix 1000x313 main image2

by shudder

What do YOU wanna be when you grow up? No, really!
Rodeo photographer. Wedding photographer. Trail photographer. There is no magic ability that makes one a ‘Trail photographer’, or any of those other types of photographer.

What you shoot should be driven by your interests. To become a fine rodeo photographer, one must don a cowboy hat and some shit-kickin’ boots and go out to the rodeo, and take … Continue reading

TRAIL PIX: An intro, a few words about tools, and even a few pictures… just to get it all started!


by shudder

First in a series.  This’ll be like trail mix, but without all the eventual gastrointestinal grief (hopefully).


Please allow me to introduce myself
My name is Michael, but I go by shudder.  I’d call myself Mikie, but it seems that name is already taken here (all the good ones get taken so … Continue reading