Note from the Editor: We’re not sure if evdog was a professional photographer in a past life, but lucky for us he is not only an outstanding photographer but as well an amazing mountain biker. Enjoy the read and eye candy that Evan brings to the imtbtrails plate! Enjoy! ~ imtbtrails

Thanks to Dell as well for setting this trip up! We had been going to Sedona a lot the last few years but it has turned … Continue reading

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route


A few photos from the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. We decided to not bring a dedicated camera; just snapped the occasional phone pic. I really like to cover part of the lens with my hand, too.

We rode the US portion from Rooseville MT to Antelope Wells NM in 61 days (including five rest days) – around 2500 miles at a touring pace. It all went pretty much as we planned/hoped. We shot for a 40-mile/day … Continue reading

My Happy Birthday Ride


Before I start, I must give “Wizard” over at the old STR forum credit for the idea. He posted a RR on this same ride and it captured my weird sense of adventure. The basics of the ride is 30+ miles with 5300′ of climbing throughout the lower east end of Catalina Island. The catch was to do it on your (my) birthday to reap the rewards of what Catalina’s offers. I couldn’t squeeze it in last … Continue reading

Cherry Creek Epic!


So many disciplines in cycling…

You got your Cross Country, Downhill, Cyclo-Cross, Bike Packing, Park, Freestyle, etc…

I don’t know if there is a name for something between Cross Country and Bike Packing, so today I’m going to call it Adventure Cycling.

I’m not one to be able to go ride the same trails over, and over, and over again. As well, I’m certainly not one to have a radius that I’m willing to get stuck riding … Continue reading

Loose Pinos October 2014


It’s been well over a year since we last did Los Pinos and I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite trails in this area aside from Bell Canyon. Other than that, I’ll probably have to explore some more in the Santa Ana’s. But for the loose techy bits, it’s hard to beat it IMO.

I’m not much of an endurance junky and the fact of the matter is i hate climbing. … Continue reading

A little Oregon, Idaho and Utah


Took a little vacation up north. Never enough time on these things, EVER.

Day One: North Umpqua Trail Roseburg OR
This trail is about 70 miles long in total. I got in 16 as an out and back from the Swiftwater trailhead to the Tioga bridge. The trail rolls out relatively benign thru a beautiful fern forest.

North Umpqua Trail.jpg

It meanders along the … Continue reading

SART: The Post Office Loop


SART, Santa Ana River Trail is located on the East side of San Bernardino, and I would guess that the closest town would be Mentone, trailhead is just North if not actually in Angelus Oaks. I heard about it about two years ago and have wanted to ride it ever since. Always seemed that something came up right when I planned to go. In fact, we were supposed to ride it last weekend but we decided … Continue reading


magazine_front_page_slider_tahoe_scan I’ve been wanting to go to Tahoe for years, and especially since I started mountain biking . Well we finally planned a family getaway. We stayed in South L Tahoe. Picked up some good info on STR for a shuttle …Tahoe Rim Trail/Flume /Marlette Lake. This was my favorite of the 2 rides I did. The TRT is only available on even days of the week and reservations were recommended. The shuttle was only 15$, very organized … Continue reading

Burkhart Trail . . . . The Beauty and the Beast!


Burkhart Trail . . . a few words and LOTS of Pics today…

The Burkhart Trail, at lease the north end of it’s trailhead, is out of the Devils Punch Bowl parking lot. They say it’s in the Pearblossom section of the Antelope Vally. At least that’s what STRAVA would have you believe. To get to the Trailhead from the parking lot you have a non-warm up climb to where the Burkhart Trail “T’s” into the Devils … Continue reading

Life… Behind Bars


by Mikie Watson

A photo series of Pics from You, while out riding the amazing countryside we have all over the world. Send us your pics. The easiest way to submit them would be to post them on the Forum under imtbtrails Forum>General Discussion>Life…Behind Bars…

Or simply Click Here: Life… Behind Bars

Each month, we’ll gather up the newest and post them here. Here are some to get this months started…

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