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Tailwind Nutrition. All you need, all day. Really?

I had my doubts…

Scooping some white powder called Tailwind Nutrition into a water bottle let alone several scoops into my Camelbak left me with huge doubts that this would be “ALL I Needed” for as long as I rode my mountain bike. In fact, even when the imtbtrails forum started talking about it and people I had grown to know and trust were singing it’s praise, I STILL had my doubts. So I set out to test Tailwind Nutrition in my own way. I risked the 50 scoop package as it was the best value and since they had a pretty powerful guarantee, what did I really have to lose?

I was getting sick and tired of carrying solid food sources, especially on the longer rides. One of the challenges I was experiencing was forcing myself to eat when I didn’t feel like eating. Not sticking to knowledge, at times I would completely come unglued on a big ride. Totally bonking past the point of no return and becoming a “boat anchor” to my fellow mountain bikers, I had learned that I needed to eat something substantial an hour prior to the ride, then eat after the first hour every hour for the duration.

I tried mixing it up having a variety of sources, different type and flavors of Clif, Gu, and Blocks. At times just reaching into my side pouch, I would actually feel myself start to gag knowing I had to force down some solid food. Enough was enough and I had to think outside of the box… I had to try something like Tailwind Nutrition.

Tailwind Nutrition

…In the Beginning.

At first I did an hour ride as I was skeptical about the claims. I loaded food in my pack just in case which usually meant a Clif Bar of some sort. I would take a 24oz bottle with 2 scoops of Tailwind Nutrition diluted in it  and set out on a ride. Instead of waiting an hour, I would start sipping from the bottle as soon as I was thirsty. I didn’t realize as I drank from my bottle I was satisfying my thirst and feeding my body.

Once I was (more) confident that it was working, I started doing 2 to 3 hour rides. We know the important factor is to stay hydrated while we ride, so as I drank, I ate! I found myself growing more and more comfortable with the results so I decided to give it a bigger test. That was riding the Santa Ana River Trail (SART) on a Hell Ride known as Bike for Bender. Estimated at a 4 hour ride if cruised, that would really let me know if this was the real deal…

…Easy Math.

Bike for Bender is a 4 hour cruiser mostly down hill with some minor climbing. So for me that meant a 100 ounce Camelbak would require around 2 scoops per 24 oz. So… 8 Scoops should do it. I have to admit, I did take some food bars with me (just in case). Half way through the ride I became conscious of my hydration and food needs.  I later discovered it was only because of my past paranoia about NOT eating on the trail. Admittedly, I ate about a quarter of a clif bar but found that was just not me trusting the Tailwind Nutrition.

When we pulled into to Hangar 24 in Redlands California, I have to admit, I felt great! The other guys I rode with were hungry and ready for food. To be honest, I wasn’t even hungry in the least. They chowed down some pizza (and beer), and I had a social beer just cuz… WOW! This stuff really works.

Ride report here: Hell Ride 2015


Tailwind Nutrition was created by mountain biker Jeff after blowing chunks in a trash can at a Leadville 100 race. Fed up with this he decided to set out and discover something that was tasty but provided energy and electrolytes while you hydrate. It was a secret for a while only sharing with a few of the locals, but after getting the same results for others, Tailwinds Nutrition was founded. A micro brewery size company, you will not find a more encouraging small team of enthusiasts that have excellent customer service.

Every time I order, I always get a hand written note from the person who packs my order to ship. They even write your name on the front of the package… very cool!

…Whats inside?

I won’t even begin to claim I’m a nutritionist. I don’t need to be. All I care about is that it is all natural, it’s organic, and it works!

Tailwind Nutrition Ingredients

With more endorsements then they can publish, Tailwind Nutrition has all the questions “Why” answered as well on their site here: Why Tailwind


Stick Packs (2 Serving Sizes Per)

Tailwind Nutrition Stick Packs

Tailwind Nutrition comes in several sizes and flavors. As well they also have a caffeinated version.

Current sizes are a Stick Pack (2 Servings), Medium (30 Servings), and Large (50 Servings)

UN-Caffeinated Flavors are currently Mandarin Orange, Berry, Lemon, and Naked Unflavored.

Caffeinated Flavors are currently Raspberry Buzz, Green Tea Buzz, and Tropical Buzz.

My favorite is the Naked Unflavored but I have tried and liked the Berry as well.


I love to be wrong when the benefits are so awesome! Tailwind Nutrition was a total game changer for me. I will be using Tailwinds Nutrition on my 3 Day trek doing Kokopelli this year. A 3 Day 150 mile Mountain Bike Ride from Fruita Colorado to Moab Utah. At 57 years old, I can use all the help I can get! My fear of bonking based on food consumption is gone, I like that! As well, I like the idea that I don’t have to eat solid foods on the trail, especially when I don’t want to. Plus, I’m consuming all natural and organic energy into my body that my system DOES NOT have to break down, on top of which is hydrating me all at the same time.

I would never steer you wrong, Tailwind Nutrition is a total 5 Star Product for me. I am absolutely convinced and confident it will be for you too!


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