Maxxis Minion DHF & DHR Mountain Bike Tires

Maxxis Minion DHF & DHR Mountain Bike Tires are the “not so secret” weapon of most all the DH Pro’s that lack a tire sponsorship. Even pro’s sponsored on other tires have been found to have Minions on their bikes with the Maxxis logo and lettering marked out with black markers. That should tell you something… When Ritchie Rude rides Maxxis Minions on his Yeti Sponsored ride, THAT, should tell you something…

But that’s great for the Pro’s and other sponsored riders; but what about the average weekend warrior getting out to “Haul the Mail” with his buddies on the local singletrack scene? Are Maxxis Minions for you as well? imtbtrails is here to tell you yes they are! …and, not just for down hill action…


Searching high and low for the right tire for you is definitely a personal choice. With so many disciplines within mountain biking, it’s easy to get lost in all the perspectives of what is a good fit for your type of riding. With the Enduro scene coming on strong and Maxxis Minions now in Tubeless, have we got a tire for you!

Maxxis EXO Dual Compound Minion DHR II Tubeless Folding Tire, 26 x 2.3-Inch

Maxxis Minion DHRII 3C Exo Tubeless Ready Folding Tire, 29-Inch


An original consensus regarding the Minion’s were that they were too heavy, and that’s true! Designed for the punishment of handling the chunk at full speed under the pro’s called for the demand of tough rubber. But Maxxis has produced lighter versions of this highly successful tread pattern in a Tubeless Ready (TR) version that gives you the best of both worlds! A Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5 x 2.3″ for example weighs in at 850 grams.


Every pair of Maxxis Minions we have installed tubeless has been successful with a shop floor pump. One key factor we believe for the success has been to unfold the tire from it’s packaging and at least lay it flat on the shop floor overnight. We have had the habit of installing them dry, pumping them to 50 psi to ensure popping the bead, then slowly letting out the air by removing the valve stem core and then injecting Stans, replacing the core and pumping to 50 psi. Then we haveĀ  done the slosh factor to assist in sealing to the rim. For us, it has worked out awesome. Once they are sealed and ready for action, we have dropped the air pressure to 23psi front and 25psi rear for our riding preference.


There was a time when Maxxis was notorious for under sizing their claimed tire width. This may no longer be the case as our 2.3 width tires have measured 2.26 to 2.29, so they have all been very close. Running them on WTB i25’s they have ran 2.3 pretty consistently.


Choosing the EXO sidewall protection will tremendously assist in reducing tears, cuts, and abrasions. We have yet to get a single sidewall tear, or puncture for that matter through the several pairs we have tested. Whether its dropping down Sunset in the San Gabriel Mountains, or pounding down Suicide out in Agura Hills, the Maxxis has taken a beating and has non stop delivered. We have yet to fix a flat. Tire wear is always a factor especially when related to price. We have found the Minions to be of reasonable price and have lasted much longer than it’s competitors of relative performance. That’s bang for the buck!

Roll Resistance

Many have commented on the DHR II tread pattern as having the appearance of being a tough roller promoting pedal drag. Surprisingly it rolls very well regardless of it’s large block pattern. There are many who have placed a DHF on the rear as well, and stated that the combo of DHF on front and rear rolls even better with still effective traction. That’s up to you…

Best Conditions

Where do Maxxis Minions shine? For the typically dry Southern California conditions of Wet, Loose, and Loose over Hard Pack, the Minions totally shine providing excellent breaking and climbing traction. Cornering is where we found the Maxxis Minion Combo to really perform. The alternating “L” blocks on the DHF give you the ability to reach deep into the corner with tremendous predictability. Nothing we have found corners better then the DHF on the front end. Braking is strong and predictable, the DHR II provides strong breaking capability.

Best Usage

The Maxxis Minions are definitely not likely to be used in an XC race, but easily at home on treacherous chunky descents. But what about getting there? Many miles have been pedaled climbing throughout Southern California. Thousands and thousands of elevation feet gain has proven to us that they are no Cross Country Tire, but they are no slouch in the Enduro World either. If you are an enduro type rider putting miles to your smiles, the Maxxis Minions will give you great bang for the buck. Incredibly durable, tough, and reliable. Light enough on long solid on climbs, laser precision on descents, point them where you want them to go and they will deliver. The Maxxis Minions were a game changer for us in building confidence on the trail.


Many have touted the great traction of other brands but that has often come at a very steep price. The Maxxis Minions have proven to be much more affordable than others and to provide that performance for much longer. Bottom line is we all want a great performing tire that last longer. The Maxxis Minions have proven to do so. If you are looking for a high performing tire, pay less and have it last longer, then the Maxxis Minions might just be the perfect tie combo for you. It was for us!

Maxxis Minion DHF & DHR Mountain Bike Tires

We rated the Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR combo a solid 5 for the style riding we do. If ever this perspective changes, we will change our rating. But for now…


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Maxxis Minion DHRII 3C Exo Tubeless Ready Folding Tire, 29×2.30inch

Features: Race winning tires, Used by professionals and amateurs alike, Tested for durability, Directional, ramped knob design, Exo protective sidewall technology with increased abrasion and cut resistance, Dc dual compound technology

The trail version of the Maxxis minion DHR ii features the same tread pattern as its downhill counterpart, but uses a single-ply casing to reduce weight. With side knobs borrowed from the legendary minion DHF, but widened to provide more support, the DHR.
List Price: $49.58 USD
New From: $49.58 USD In Stock
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