Shimano M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe Review

Shimano M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe

Having ridden for 25 plus years and trying, buying, and wearing out numerous Mountain Bike Shoes over those years, it was a breath of fresh air to finally come across Shimano’s M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe! This shoe design in particular takes the Enduro riding style into full consideration. There are several unique points one should consider when purchasing an enduro style shoe and we are going to look at each of these and share why this shoe is a first class win!

Enduro: What is that?

First, maybe we should define what exactly the definition of Enduro style Mountain Biking is. Enduro Mountain Biking is the longer trek rides often 15 to 45 miles taking in all types of terrain from fire road and flowy smooth to super chunky singletrack climbs and descents that may include log jumps, water crossings, boulder features, and hike a bikes where your hoofing sometimes pushing or even carrying your bike up steep trails and up and over obstacles like fallen trees or un rideable sections. To do this, a very robust and versatile shoe should be considered, and the Shimano M200 soars to the challenge.


1. Comfort: No doubt the most important feature of any Mountain Bike Shoe is comfort. This is the first and foremost consideration of any shoe. We found the M200 to excel in this subject. You can go out to dinner in these shoes! Driving to the trailhead often many will carry their driving shoes and their riding shoes. The Shimano M200’s are right at home in the comfort department. With it’s speed lacing system, this shoe will conform quickly to most any shaped foot. The sole is well designed to provide the best of both worlds. Flexible to walk in, yet stiff enough to transfer every bit of your power to pedal. This means they are very comfortable to walk and ride in.

2. Traction: Due to the M200’s comfort it makes an excellent Hike A Bike Shoe. Excellent traction with an expanded cleat compartment it allows for a wider range of cleat adjustment versatile for all clip in cleats and recessed enough to not experience much cleat strike on rocks if any at all.

3. Secure fit: Speed Lacing as mentioned previously, there is no Velcro straps. Nylon cinch under a protective flap not only protects laces from the elements but also keeps out dirt, mud, and water. The ample size ratchet strap finalizes the attachment with a quick release for easy removal.

Speed Lacing immediately conforms to your foot…


4. Breath ability: Often with fabric one dunk and your foot is wet for sometimes hours. The M200 has a unique tight mesh nylon breather above the toes preventing all but the finest dust from penetrating the shoe. The M200 surprisingly breaths well for summer and insulates well in the winter! A win win for as a multiple season shoe!

5. Protection: Having the large Velcro flap over the speed laces is a nice addition of protection. Another nice feature is the raised inner sides to protect and insulate from crank arm strike.

6. Pedaling: All of these awesome features are pointless if the M200 does not pedal well. Fortunately, it does. A cross between an XC shoe that expands into Trail and Enduro use, this shoe pedals well.  The TORBAL Torsional midsole allows natural rider “flow” motion during downhill and the TORBAL Balanced carbon reinforced midsole for optimal pedaling rigidity. This gives the M200 the flexibility to hike your bike and the rigidity to transfer force to the pedal for excellent power transfer.

After experiencing many XC shoes that are light weight stiff soled and exhausting and leaving you at the end of the day with aching feet after a 5+ hour epic. We have found the Shimano M200 to keep it fresh the entire day. Having tested these shoes now for 7 months, only the wear and tear of scrambling over trees and boulders and very sharp rocks show slight wear in the sole of immediate contact. That’s impressive.

Shimano has done it again, there extensive testing and perfecting has delivered a well designed and durable performance Enduro shoe.

imtbtrails highly recommends these as your next purchase. We don’t think you will regret it!

We rate the Shimano M200 Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe 5 Stars! If ever we find over time that this shoes has any questions or concerns we will adjust this rating.


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SHIMANO SH-M200L Bicycle Shoes Black 43

Features: Variable-density, rubber outsole, Stiff rubber pedal contact blocks optimizes stability and pedaling effectiveness, High-traction rubber on the outer edge lugs and high durability rubber heel and pedal contact arch a, Best matched with PD-M9020, 762g (size 40)

Faster with more control. Combining the light weight and pedaling effectiveness of a XC shoe with the durability, grip and armor aggressive trail riders require. UPPER: Reinforced low profile amour provides great protection, excellent durability. Asymmetrical collar design for ankle protection. Multi-layered moisture control mesh toe vents. Speed lacing system adapts to wide range of foot shapes with a secure fit. Super low-profile micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot. INSOLE: Dual density extra-cushion insole stabilizes pedaling moment and enhances shock absorbing cushioningLAST: Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box. SOLE: TORBAL Torsional midsole allows natural rider “flow” motion during downhill. TORBAL Balanced carbon reinforced midsole for optimal pedaling rigidity. Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range to accommodate race or trail minded riding styles.
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