“Awareness Bell” for Mountain Bikers Review


Christopher Burris Wyche, a native Southern Californian is the owner of CBW Designs. He is an artist that has worked with semi precious and precious metals making earrings and jewelry since 1985. He started welding in 2000, but wait, he’s also a mountain biker. So one day it dawned on him that he could use a better bell to make hikers aware that he was coming down the trail. Now, I know that is most likely not news … Continue reading

TRAIL PIX: You CAN’T polish a turd.


Funny title for an article on trail photography, I know. But, really, it’s not as bad as it first sounds. And it actually makes sense. Seriously. Let me explain…

SAYeah, that’s me in 1981, getting my hair pulled out by our lead singer, Carmen. Sweet /////

The ‘You CAN’T polish a turd’ story (and why it no longer … Continue reading