My Happy Birthday Ride


Before I start, I must give “Wizard” over at the old STR forum credit for the idea. He posted a RR on this same ride and it captured my weird sense of adventure. The basics of the ride is 30+ miles with 5300′ of climbing throughout the lower east end of Catalina Island. The catch was to do it on your (my) birthday to reap the rewards of what Catalina’s offers. I couldn’t squeeze it in last … Continue reading

Cherry Creek Epic!


So many disciplines in cycling…

You got your Cross Country, Downhill, Cyclo-Cross, Bike Packing, Park, Freestyle, etc…

I don’t know if there is a name for something between Cross Country and Bike Packing, so today I’m going to call it Adventure Cycling.

I’m not one to be able to go ride the same trails over, and over, and over again. As well, I’m certainly not one to have a radius that I’m willing to get stuck riding … Continue reading