ReCycle Skin ReHydration System Review

magazine_front_page_slider_recycleReCycle is the first skin care product specifically designed for cyclists.

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to protect your skin. It’s the largest organ of your body. It filters the harsh chemicals and pollutants of everyday life, is bombarded by the damaging rays produced by the sun, and takes a beating from the elements from hours of cycling.

ReCycle is an all natural lotion comprised of Aloe Vera, Beeswax and other … Continue reading

Custom Wheel Building


by Mikie

It was time for some new wheels for “The Mistress”. She’s a 2012 Yeti ASR5c that sported 1600 series DT Swiss Hubs and Rims as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). I’m not an expert on wheel sets and will never claim to be, but I have certainly noticed things over the year that every once in a while makes me go . . . huh.

I have noticed that the bikes with their “stock” OEM … Continue reading

Burkhart Trail . . . . The Beauty and the Beast!


Burkhart Trail . . . a few words and LOTS of Pics today…

The Burkhart Trail, at lease the north end of it’s trailhead, is out of the Devils Punch Bowl parking lot. They say it’s in the Pearblossom section of the Antelope Vally. At least that’s what STRAVA would have you believe. To get to the Trailhead from the parking lot you have a non-warm up climb to where the Burkhart Trail “T’s” into the Devils … Continue reading