Life… Behind Bars


by Mikie Watson

A photo series of Pics from You, while out riding the amazing countryside we have all over the world. Send us your pics. The easiest way to submit them would be to post them on the Forum under imtbtrails Forum>General Discussion>Life…Behind Bars…

Or simply Click Here: Life… Behind Bars

Each month, we’ll gather up the newest and post them here. Here are some to get this months started…

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The Bomb Squad Road Trip


by Tom the Bomb

The Bomb Squad road trip.

A couple weeks a go T-2 mentions in a phone conversation he needs a road trip, funny how I was thinking the same thing. I had been watching the weather for South Mountain and Sedona and voila, perfect timing. Thursday evening departure, with T-2, Tom, Krankin Kiwi, Mike and Redwoods, Pat. We stop for overnight zzzzz’s in Blythe get up early and head out to Phoenix.

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TRAIL PIX: Time to get overexposed!


by shudder

Chin rubbing angst
More and more here on IMTBTrails.comand certainly on many other websites, too—I am seeing some great pictures by folks who are carrying smallish digicams on the trail (and not all of those pictures are coming from point ‘n shoot cameras by any means—some of the best are coming from phones). Our STR pal ‘kanga’ (Steve Messer, CORBA man) recently posted scores of pics he shot at the SoCal High … Continue reading