Cycling and Your Skin


by Mikie Watson

The biggest organ of your body and probably the most under-appreciated is your skin. According to National Geographic, the average skin covers 22 square feet if measured up (that’s just over the size of a twin bed)! Why National Geographic would know this, is beyond me. Your skin is multifunctional and performs a host of important life critical tasks.

Your skin has an army of white blood cells ready to defend at a minutes’ … Continue reading

K-Edge GoPro Camera Mounts Review


by Mikie

I tried the “Chesty” from  GoPro in effort to come up with that cool look of “hands on handlebars” action as we fly down a singletrack. But to be quite honest, it was constantly in the way. Especially when you’re into the steep steep downhill chunk. The Chesty located GoPro now competed with my saddle for “chest area” and I found that I was bumping the camera out of location and end up with video … Continue reading

Tech Talk: Brake Contact Point Adjustment


by Varaxis

Brake Contact Point is a feature that is sometimes found on higher end hydraulic disc brakes that allows adjustment of the amount of lever throw. This feature is called various names and marketing terms, such as Contact Point Adjust, Free Stroke, and Feel Control System (FCS), to name a few, but they all are one and the same. Sometimes this feature is misunderstood, with myths propagating, such as how this feature is supposed to adjust … Continue reading