TRAIL PIX: Trail photography. No, really!

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by shudder

What do YOU wanna be when you grow up? No, really!
Rodeo photographer. Wedding photographer. Trail photographer. There is no magic ability that makes one a ‘Trail photographer’, or any of those other types of photographer.

What you shoot should be driven by your interests. To become a fine rodeo photographer, one must don a cowboy hat and some shit-kickin’ boots and go out to the rodeo, and take … Continue reading

San Juan Awesomeness



by Oldskool

Got a text from Tom The Bomb on Thursday about hitting San Juan on Sunday, by Saturday the group text had grown to about 12-15 guys who were considering going, after about 30 texts back and forth about whether to take the 15 Fwy & come over Ortega or go around the 91 to the 5 :roll:, it looked set for an epic ride w/ a big group, … Continue reading

Mt. Lowe


by Mikie
Tom the Bombs Strava:

A little confused as there is a significant difference in elevation gain between Tom the Bomb and myself… :| Hmmmm.

I got two things, 1) You can only say WOW! …so many times before people start thinking your WOW’s don’t really mean anything. …and 2) Two for two on the South side of the San Gabriel’s clearly lets me know … Continue reading