TRAIL PIX: An intro, a few words about tools, and even a few pictures… just to get it all started!


by shudder

First in a series.  This’ll be like trail mix, but without all the eventual gastrointestinal grief (hopefully).


Please allow me to introduce myself
My name is Michael, but I go by shudder.  I’d call myself Mikie, but it seems that name is already taken here (all the good ones get taken so … Continue reading

DT Swiss Tubeless Conversion Kit Review


DT Swiss Tubeless Conversion Kit – Rate It!

By imtbtrails

From conversation with others, most people are pretty satisfied with DT Swiss Hubs and Rims. Yeti for example utilizes DT Swiss as OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) products on their bikes. In fact, for their 2012 bike line up they utilized the DT Swiss Tubeless Conversion Kits on their bikes as OEM and at first used Schwalbe Tubeless Ready Tires, but then mid year switched back to Maxxis tires.

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What’s your PH Balance: Alkaline or Acid?


By Mikie Watson

Just finished a book (yeah, I can read!) by Dr. Theodore Baroody entitled Alkalize or Die. In it, he explains how excess acids in the small intestines can negatively affect that vital organ. I have posted some excerpts from his book here. I believe the book will give you a clear understanding of how alkalizing our body tissues can boost overall health and the health of specific areas of our body. … Continue reading