H2O2 – The Benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

By imtbtrails


Winter is upon us and for many, that’s the flu season. Why is that? What makes the cold, and rain, and snowy time of year, the time to get sinus infections, head colds, and the flu? It brings an old question to mind, “We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t cure the common cold.”

Instead of focusing on “curing” the common cold and since that is most likely out of the control of … Continue reading

Tech talk: Fork offset

by Varaxis

If you ride a 29er, you have another option to consider when it comes time to get a new fork. If you have ever tried shopping for forks, there probably was an overload of choices and differences that you had to consider, from spring type, damper type, damper controls, travel adjust, stanchion diameter, dropout/axle type, steerer, stanchion coating, remote, dual crown, etc. To add to the confusion, you now can choose between a 51mm offset and a “standard” offset.

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The Bomb Squad hits Joplin


The Bomb Squad hits Joplin.

Last Sunday Pat, Tom, Greg, Dennis and I rolled out to Cooks corner to hit up Joplin, Santiago truck trail and the luge. We pulled in to the parking lot about 8:45, Dennis was there and Greg pulled in a few minutes later. Soon we were ready to role on the 5-mile road ride to Harding truck trail. Up Harding is a mothah! 11 mi. up to Joplin. The first 5 miles … Continue reading

Shimano’s XT Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur . . . . Rate It!



XT Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur


  • Consistent shifting performance | Wide & Stable adjust range
  • Advanced concept | Low profile Shorter pulley cage
  • Wide compatibility of Cassette Sprocket variations
  • Direct Mount Rear Derailleur option
  • Total Capacity: 35T
  • Weight: 249g

Specifications Model Number RD-M786-GS-L Series DEORE XT Shifting Action Top-Normal Mount Type Direct Attachment Maximum Sprocket 36T / 11T Minimum Sprocket 32T / 11T Front Difference 18T Total Capacity 35T

Our Experience:

Our last Shimano rear derailleur was destroyed because we tried to make it a cocktail called “Derailleur … Continue reading