Lower Rock Creek Trail

Ride Report on Lower Rock Creek Trail:
On any typical day of riding, it turns into an adventure of craziness for me…and Lower Rock Creek was no acception.

I went up with some guys on a fishing trip, we stayed at Tom’s Place, and I REALLY did not feel like fishing this time…so, I brought my bike. I got excited about doing the Lower Rock Creek Ride from the report from LuvMammoth RR:http://www.socaltrailriders.org/foru…8-11-12-a.html. But I kept getting this idea that there was a Lower and an Upper. But what I theenk it came down to, was the … Continue reading

Frazier Mountain Half Loop

I’ve been wanting to do this half loop for about a year and a half. I studied it on Google Earth and figured I could do it. The challenge was I did NOT want to do it alone. Convincing someone to come up and ride something, I was guessing was going to work, was not real convincing. But then, there’s Hill^Billy…

Dougie has been a good friend. I met him on STR and discovered he was rebuilding the Acton Trail, old training grounds for me back when I was racing. That guy has ALWAYS had my back and is a … Continue reading